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Board of Bishops

Our Leadership

For you granted him authority over all people that he might give eternal life to all those you have given him.

John 17: 2

Apostle Williams

Chief Apostle & Presiding Prelate

Apostle (Dr.) Nelson K. Williams

"A doctor treating someone with a speech impediment will always check their hearing first. The reason they do that is, it's likely their speech is impaired because they are not hearing right. If your mouth isn't speaking the right thing, you may need to check your hearing."

Bishop Collins

First Assistant Presiding Bishop

Bishop Michael L. Collins

"The Word of God is full of life-healthy options; select from God's menu and eat well."

Bishop Washington

Second Assistant Presiding Bishop

Bishop Kendall L. Washington, Sr.

"The promise is the seed planted in the hearts of people. Obedience is the water that brings forth the manifestation of the promise. God gives increase to the promise that obedience waters."

We are Overcomers!

Revelation 3: 21

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