About Us

The history of Unity Christian Fellowship International (UCFI) began before the visions materialized, working behind the scenes God was creating an alliance and a unified body of baptized believers who many came through the same vein of South Korea. In 2003 God would speak the name of this Ministry to Apostle Williams and reveal his next assignment in Virginia.  While yet under the banner of Holy Deliverance Church of God in 2011, UCFI later that year would become an independent body, several pastors and their churches in the early years would join the ministry of UCFI under Apostle Williams leadership. Read more


To create a permanent Christian organization/fellowship that will enable ministry by providing Biblically sound leadership, guidance, and oversight to various churches, ministries, and individuals for the Kingdom, ultimately making a difference in this world.


To bring together like-minded men and women of God engaged in Kingdom building in order to enhance their ministry capacity spiritually, mentally, and physically.

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Our Leadership

For you granted him authority over all people that he might give eternal life to all those you have given him.

John 17: 2

Presiding Prelate

Apostle (Dr.)
Nelson K. Williams

"A doctor treating someone with a speech impediment will always check their hearing first. The reason they do that is, it's likely their speech is impaired because they are not hearing right. If your mouth isn't speaking the right thing, you may need to check your hearing."


First Assistant
Presiding Bishop

Michael L. Collins

"The Word of God is full of life-healthy options; select from God's menu and eat well."


Second Assistant
Presiding Bishop

Kendall L. Washington, Sr.

"The promise is the seed planted in the hearts of people. Obedience is the water that brings forth the manifestation of the promise. God gives increase to the promise that obedience waters."


W. Lenard King

Director of Evangelism


Ernest A. Edwards

South Eastern Region


Leonard B. Lacey

North Eastern Region

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Kenny Kendrick

South Central Region

We are Overcomers!

Revelation 3: 21