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Spiritual Gifts

Gifts of the father are placed in the church as resources to be utilized at the point of need for ministry in the body (Romans 12: 3-8). Gifts of the Holy Spirit is specifically to "profit" the body of the church. ("Profit," Greek sumphero, means "to bring together, to benefit, to be advantageous," which is experienced as the body is strengthen in its life together and expanded through its ministry of evangelism.) (1 Corinthians 12: 7-11). The gifts which the Son of God has given are pivotal in assuring that all gifts are applied in the body of the church. Ephesians 4: 7-16 not only indicates the "office gifts" Christ has placed in the church along with their purpose. The ministry of these leaders is to "equip" the body by assisting each person.

*Excerpts from The Spirit-Filled Life Bible, "Holy Spirit Gifts and Power" written by Paul Walker, Senior Pastor, Mount Paran Church of God in Atlanta, GA


Prophetess (Dr.) Cynthia Johnson

The International Secretary is responsible for keeping a reliable and accurate record of all official actions and meetings of UCFI. The International Secretary will keep a register of church names, ministry leadership, as well as file all communications and written official reports.

International Director of Evangelism

Apostle Lenard King

The mission of the UCFI International Evangelist is to promote evangelism in the covenant churches of UCFI Ministries. This department, in conjunction with the Presiding Prelate, plans and supervises evangelistic efforts of UCFI Ministries. The Director of Evangelism supports the Presiding Prelate and Board of Bishops in evangelism by planning and developing strategies and methods that cross cultures ultimately, enhancing, and renewing the passion of evangelism within the local churches, regions, and internationally.

International Director of Missions

Elder Bob Yoon

Director of Missions provides visionary and spiritual leadership and sound management for UCFI Ministries global missions ministry. This department, in conjunction with the Presiding Prelate, plans and supervises all mission efforts of UCFI Ministries. The Director of Missions will be responsible for preparing, equipping, and empowering leaders and UCFI congregations for short and long-term effectiveness locally and around the world. This department develops environments and opportunities to inform, challenge, and motivate others about involvement in local and global missions. These may include the use of social media, classes or conferences, church-wide experiences, etc. The Department also curates and/or develops focused local and global mission partnerships and experiences that mobilize UCFI Ministries churches in addressing these needs. This department will train the staff of churches in the organization upon request and congregations on current best practices in church missions.

International Director of Christian Education

Dr. Avery Goss

The International Director of Christian Education is responsible for organization and administration of the UCFI Ministries Christian educational program. The Director shall be responsible for developing and interpreting the educational objectives, academia, and goals approved by the Presiding Prelate. The Christian Education department is dedicated to developing 21st century ministers who are full of sound doctrine and devoted to the spreading of the Good News of Jesus Christ and His salvation throughout the world. With continual study, prayer, and worship, the Director of Christian Education is committed to providing tools, training, and resources for equipping UCFI Ministries church clergy and five-fold ministry, which reflects a personal discipline of devotion and a sensitive caring of people with a holy boldness and wisdom dedicated to making “full proof” of ministry while defending the faith and enacting the Lord’s Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20.

Executive Administrator

Bishop Ernest A. Edwards

The Executive Administrator is responsible to provide executive level leadership to the UCFI Board of Bishops and fellowship of churches in support of the Presiding Prelate and the organization by developing, implementing, executing strategic plans, an effective organization to achieve strategic ministry goals, and providing management and guidance to key operational functions, including finance and accounting, risk management, facilities, information technology, human resource management, purchasing and procurement, marketing, communications, and special projects.

International Director of Youth Ministry

Pastor Justin Cooley

The International Director of Youth Ministry exists to provide spiritual support to the christian curriculum for the youth in UCFI Ministries. The Youth Director will commit to supporting and mentoring UCFI youth chairpersons/leaders by sharing curriculum and resources that will provide innovative methods to ensure that our youth will become valued citizens to their families, churches, and communities. The Youth Director will disseminate and share opportunities and literature to youth leaders during UCFI conferences and events that are biblically based. Additionally, the Youth Director will plan and spearhead youth events during UCFI conferences and events that will calibrate and prepare our youth to become leaders and change agents for the Kingdom of God.

International Director of Hospitality

Pastor Carrie Kendrick

The primary responsibilities of the International Director of Hospitality are to oversee, train, and maintain a dedicated hospitality team that is committed to all aspects of welcoming guests from the moment they enter the building until they are safely to their destination. The mission of the hospitality department is to provide an excellent and heartfelt welcoming environment of love, acceptance, comfort, support, care, and unity for visitors, members, guests, and friends in order to enhance their worship experience, encourage fellowship, and help build a community of believers. The Director of Hospitality promotes the commitment of our Values of Compassion, Hospitality, Integrity, Stewardship, and Transparency. Together, the hospitality team ensures that the visit of guest speakers and musical ministries to UCFI Ministries events is not just a visit, but an experience of the love of God. “Distributing to the necessity of Saints; given to hospitality.” – Romans 12:13 KJV

International Director of Music and Worship Arts

Minister Ebonee Pemberton

The Music and Worship Arts Department consists of musicians, singers, artists, dancers, writers, and actors, among other creative gifts. It is Christ-centered, purpose driven, and committed to serving the ministry with God-given talents. Our vision is centered on cultivating gifted servant leaders, valuing creative investments, and preparing for excellence in every ministry opportunity. The International Director of Music and Worship Arts supports UCFI Ministries churches worship leaders in building excellence in their music and worship arts departments via mentorship, collaborations, teaching workshops, etc. Additionally, the director leads UCFI Ministries into an authentic praise and worship experience, where the sound of music commands God's presence to shift the atmosphere in UCFI conferences and events. These musicians and gifted servants represent members of UCFI Ministries committed to serving God through music and fine arts

International Director of Hispanic Ministries

Pastor Jose Soto

The Director of Hispanic Ministries serves and unifies the UCFI Hispanic churches and community. The Director of Hispanic Ministries guides the organization in forming hospitable communities of faith that nourish, strengthen, and develop disciples of Christ within Spanish-speaking communities. The Director embodies the multiethnic, multilingual, and multicultural context, in which we live in today. The Director promotes the goals and objectives of the Hispanic Pastoral Plan and the UCFI Ministries multicultural vision. This office serves as advisor and liaison to the UCFI Ministries Presiding Prelate in Hispanic affairs and matters concerning the Hispanic community.

International Chairman of the Board of Deacons

Deacon Willie Chisholm

The International Chairman of the Deacon Board will provide oversight and execution of the mission and functions of Deacons in UCFI Ministries. The mission of the Deacon Board is to serve the Lord faithfully by extending service to our church, ministries, families, one another, and the community. All UCFI Ministries Deacons, men and women, are required to be trained and ordained. The Deacons of UCFI Ministries are ordained to serve God' s people. Deacons are dedicated caregivers who share in the ministry of concern for the total well-being of God's people. Likewise, the Deacon Board is an extension of the Pastoral care to love and shepherd the Church Family. Deacons are to be available to members for prayer and guidance. Deacons are also assigned supervisory roles over all the various ministries of the UCFI churches, to ensure that the bylaws of the church are properly followed. This mission of the Deacon Board is defined by, and scripturally upheld in Acts 6:1-4.

International Director of Women’s Ministry

Evangelist Lillian Williams

The primary responsibilities of the International Director of Women’s Ministry are to help build, mentor, and support the Women’s Ministry chairpersons/leaders within the UCFI covenant churches via workshops, group sessions, conferences, and prayer/fasting. The vision for the Women’s Ministry is to provide a safe place for the women to come together as sisters, daughters, mothers, friends, and ministry partners to promote growth and self-development spiritually, physically, and mentally in their local church and within the network of UCFI Ministries. It is a vision of unity with a doctrinally sound and programmatic approach to ministry that seeks to not only meet every woman at the point of her need, but to strengthen her, so that she fulfills her God-given purpose in the Kingdom.

International Director of Men’s Ministry

Pastor Hardee Green

The primary responsibilities of the International Director of Men’s Ministry are to help build, mentor, and support the Men’s Ministry chairpersons/leaders within UCFI covenant churches via the utilization of workshops, units, evangelism, and prayer to develop men into becoming passionate disciples for Christ. Our approach is a practical, pragmatic assessment of obstacles that have historically deterred men from ministry and being successful in Kingdom growth. It is our vision to enhance and guide men into Biblically sound relationships in their families, local church, and UCFI covenant churches, by making continual deposits into their spiritual, emotional, economic, and leadership development, as they seek their rightful place in the Kingdom of God.

Having then gifts differing according to the grace that is given to us, whether prophecy, let us prophesy according to the proportion of faith; or ministry, let us wait on our ministering: or he that teacheth, on teaching; or he that exhorteth, on exhortation: he that giveth, let him do it with simplicity; he that ruleth, with diligence; he that sheweth mercy, with cheerfulness.

Romans 12: 6-8

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