Destiny Worship Center Intl. Ministries

214 A Hawkinsville Road

Vienna, Georgia 31092

(833) 472-2376



We are given the assignment to be the voice that educates, equips, and edifies or encourages believers. We educate, equip, and edify or encourage with Kingdom advancement as our goal. We educate according to sound Biblical teaching; We equip by bringing believers into an orderly spiritual state and frame those who had been dislocated and disjointed by sin, and then strengthen, confirm, and advance them so that each might, in their proper place and function, contribute to the good of the Body of Christ; and we edify or encourage believers to put into use all that the Holy Spirit has educated and equipped them to do.

Pastor Cynthia Johnson


The Word of God shall be taught in a manner that all may comprehend. We are founded on biblical principles. We live, teach and preach those principles. These biblical principles promote unity in the Body of Christ. These principles are taught and preached with the spirit of excellence so that it may be applied to our everyday lives in a practical and effective manner. When we live in this manner, we are living according to the power of God that worketh within us. We encourage change through the Word of God from the inside out. This change impacts or lives, immediate community, nation, and the world.